Fitness Just 4U (FJ4U) was born out of a desire to fulfill what seemed to be missing at most gym and group exercise settings…unique, fun-filled, high intensity content that allows participants to feel good and just move!

A boutique style studio/online fitness experience that prides itself on fun, high energy content and instructed routines delivered with integrity and compassion for anyone on a fitness journey. 

Starting with FJ4J 30/30 Blast, FJ4U HIIT, and FJ4U Dance fitness content inspired by CTY Commit Dance Fitness, patrons can get ready to indulge in unique, all-new creative routines that pack intensity, great music, laughter and ease. 

FJ4U isn’t just another fad or big corporation gym. It is an environment where customers can engage in a judgement-free zone, build healthy, positive relationships and feel welcome to just come and workout.  Classes at FJ4U are crafted and designed with the customer in mind. The goal is to get people up, moving and feeling great with an easy, yet challenging routines that is affordable and fits perfectly into your schedule.

Founder and AFAA certified Fitness Instructor, Dorinda Cox, love for music, people and relationship building are the drivers behind her passion for group exercise.

In 2012, Dorinda began to focus intensely on weight-loss and in her journey found that while she attended a variety of class formats, even hit the treadmill or lift weights once in a while, there was just something missing for her and she began to yearn something new, something different that she could do on her own.  But it wasn’t until the discovery of YouTube sensation Fitness Marshall and DanceFit instructor Amanda of Grind2Fit here in Cincinnati that Dorinda took things into her own hands and in 2018 decided to become a certified group fitness instructor. She also credits the encouragement and frequent nudges from her supportive family as well.

Our Core Values: